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A Brief History of Kendrapara High School

(History from beginning to 1970)
            It offers no debatable points present is always fused with the past, pervading the former with the spirit of pastness. The contemporaricty is some times judged rightly, in the perspective of the past values of awareness. The dead and dry bones have their own music, as the fallen leaves have theirs. They do not make a separate, isolated phenomenon—they make a necessary link between today and yesterday, then the past events are not as obscure and even meaning less as the foot prints and cigarette ends found at sea beach. To recollect the past with a feeling of nostalgic retrospect is doubly rewarding when the present is healthy and sound, when the future appears to be promising and full of light. The music of yesterday ,then sounds sweeter ,giving the hope of its never ending note. Tomorrow is never exhausted.

            Writing anything on Kendrapara High School is a pleasure and privilege as the history of the school is the history of modern Kendrapara.

            In the remote past, in 1863, this town had a solitary school of Modest Pretensions, popularly known as the “Vernacular School. It worked in this humble way till 1869 when it was raised to M.E. standard and till 1883 it has to prepare the grounds of a High English School. The school got recognition in the year 1866 and till 1.7.58 it was managed by a private body. Thereafter Government took over the management of the School.

            As found from old records of the school and evidence of the old staff members and educationalists of the institution, the vernacular school was functioning a midst green foliage of “DEOBADARS” trees on the bank of river Gobari. When the School was raised to M.E. standard it shifted to a thatched house to the left of the present gate.. Right men always appear at right time for accomplishment of Gods desire. The late (SIR) Sri S.G.Gupta, the then Sub-divisional Officer of Kendrapara, was the prime mover who materialized the aspiration of the people of this subdivision in the year 1883. The large hearted personality of Jadunath Dev and Braja Sunder Dev Rajas of Aul has rightly received universal applause for acts done with the singular objective of discharging a human duty and for internal satisfaction of his noble heart. From the existing records it appears that Aul state donated the land for construction of school building along with a sum of Rs 7,000.00 between 20.9.1898 and 10.11.1915. Besides the state government contributed Rs 5,000.00 when the school was raised to status of a high school and the rent free land for play ground over and above a monthly subscription of Rs 5.00 which was collected for over a half century till 1933.

            During the time of Babu Tara Prassanna Acharya the then S.D.O was located the school in its present building, the verandah roof on the first floor was laid. Two wing rooms of the first floor were constructed during the time of Raisaheb N.K. Ghosh and Babu Bipra Charan Das ,the then S.D.O and munsif respectably and Sri Das the president of the institution. Subsequently two class room, the science laboratory and the girls common room were constructed between 1955 and 1957 under the direct supervision of Dr Saroj Kanta Kanungo (M.L.A.) the then secretary of the institution. Thereafter a craft room was constructed in the year 1958.

            The hostel accommodation was provided during the time of H.D. Vengricken, the then S.D.O. and secretary of the institution, and a commodious hostel building for about 50 students was also constructed.

Besides the general studies this school imparts instruction in commerce, craft, urdhu and Persian. Commerce and craft was started during the year 1958 to 1962. The high school has an impressive building which accommodates 600 students at a time. The classes normally begins at 10.30 AM and close at 4.30 PM and in summer starts at 6.45 AM and ends at 11.00 AM. On Saturday the classes starts at 7.00 AM and close by 9.30AM in summer and other days they start at 10.30 AM and end at 1.00PM.

            The library of the school is very old. It was started probably in the year 1869 and at present the library has 6867 volumes of valuable books. Besides there are libraries for different classes. On this day we remember the late Krushna Chandra Pati who was the librarian cum geography teacher, Sri Bholanath Sahu, Sri M.F.Rabi, Sri Balakrushna Kar (Founder of Matrubhumi), Sri Rama Chandra Mohanty, Sri Padmanava Kar who acted as librarians and who were affectionate ,efficient, genial and thorough in their work.

            The present number of teaching staff are 18 and they teach different subjects. Besides the school have a ministerial Officer and class IV employees.

            Besides there are scout and Red Cross Organisations. The render services at local impotent festivals like Sri Baldevjew car festival ,Gajalaxmi festival and other ceremonial functions of the locality.

            The school has various societies and associations such as debate society ,the discipline committee and the coordination association etc. They organize meeting arrange social functions and extra curricular activities.

            Athletic Competitions such as matches in foot ball, volley ball and badminton are held regularly.

            The school students usually stage dramas, one act play and entertainment programmes on their prize giving days and other ceremonial occasions such as Independence day and republic day etc.

            The N.C.C in Kendrapara High School was first started in January of the year 1958 and Sri Iswar Chandra Sahu, the then teacher of the school was deputed for training and Sri Sahu after his training started a unit. There are present 100 cadets in the N.C.C.

            Kendrapara High school has produced many distinguished personalities. Some of the Noteworthy old boys of the school are Dewan Bahadur Dayanidhi Das, the first Odia district magistrate, Rai Bahadur Ajaya Chandra Das, late S.D.O Kendrapara, Khan Sahib Sayed Ziaul Haque, retired head master of a government School, Rai Bahadur Nanda Kisore Bal, the great Palli Kabi and late district inspector of schools, Late Nimai Charan Das, Deputy post master general, Mr. A.C.Chatarjee, retired admiral of Naval force of lndia, Sri Jagannath Mohanty and Sri Souri Prasad Mohapatra, late Justice of Odisha high court respectably, Sri Dinabandhu Sahu ex minister of law and Industry and ex Advocate General of Odisha, Dr. Kesab Chandra Sahu professor of Skin and V.D. of S.C.B medical college, Dr Akulananda Sarangi professor. of medicine, Berhampur medical college, Rai Bahadur Dola Govinda Mohanty, late Judicial magistrates BAYA BABA the great preacher of Baisnabsim, Sri Bireswar Chatarjee, retired principal B.B.College Muzaferpur, Sri Kishori Charan Das M.A. I.A.S and many doctors, highly place officials educationalists, engineers and advocates.

            The reputation of the school goes to such an extent due to the good management and strict supervision of the Head masters. Some of the distinguished head masters are Mr. Waris Ali,Badu Madan Mohan Das (subsequently he became the Assistant Secretary, Mr. Haridas Goswami, Charu Chandra Dutt, Mr. M.F.Rabi,  Sri Gopinath Pattanaik, Sri Bholanath Sahu and the present officiating head master Sri Banbehari Singh and the management was headed by Munsif and S.D.Os of this place for many years and subsequently by prominent local people. Some of them are Raisaheb G.C.Chandran, Raisaheb N.K.Ghosh, Babu Bipra Charan Das, Mr. H.D.Vangrieken, Babu Madan Mohan Das, pleader, Jagannath Mohanty, pleader, Dr. Saroj Kanta Kanungo, Raisaheb Bhima Rout and others.

            It may be remarked here that in general the academic result of this school is all along good.

            Particularly during the last decade or so a good many students have passed their final examination being placed in first division every year., some obtaining national and some other scholarships from universities and secondary board concerned. It deserve special mention to note here that in the year 1964 when Sri Bholanath Sahu was head master, the school stood second in all Odisha H.S.C. examination.

            Thus in course of 107 years this school has functioned as a beacon light of culture and education and has from time to time produced pupils who have glorified it by very successfully occupying responsible positions in the public life. This century old seat of learning situated in neglected region of the state, is doing a great service to cause of education, in this part of the country. May this institution ,our ALMA MATER grow in strength and render great service to education in future.

Succession List of Secretaries

1915      :        Sri S.L Gupta
                        Sri R.K.Das
1917      :        Sri J.H.Price
1919      :        Sri H.D.Vangricken
1921      :        Sri Ananta Mohan Ray
1922      :        Sri H.D.Vangricken
1924      :        Sri Raybahadur Ajaya Chandra Das
1929      :        Sri Nagendra Nath Ray
1930      :        Sri C.E.H.Coles
1933      :        Sri Raisaheb G.C.Chandra
1936      :        Sri Raisaheb Nilakantha Ghosh
1939      :        Sri Manindranath Guha
1943      :        Sri Lokanath Pattanaik
1945      :        SriRaisaheb Bhima Rout
1950      :        Dr. Saroj Kanta Kanungo
1958      :        Sri Bholanath Sahu
                        (Head Master Ex-officeo)
1969      :        Sri Ban Behari Singh (office)

Succession List of Head Masters
1863      :        Sri Zanat Khan
1866      :        Sri Khetra Mohan Bhattachary
1897      :        Sri Waris Alii
1898      :        Md. Zamirudin Khan
1909      :        Sri Panchakadi Pa-sty
1910      :        Sri Ramakrishna Pattanaik(offt)
1912      :        Sri Madan Mohan Das
1913      :        Sri Raghunath Pati
1914      :        Sri Haridas Go swami
1916      :        Sri Harendra Narayan Sinha
1918      :        Sri Charu Chandra Dutta
1920      :        Sri M.F.Rabi
1926      :        Sri Balakrushna Kar(off)
1927      :        Sri M.F.Rabi
1941      :        Sri Ram Chandra Mohanty
1942      :        Sri M.F.Rabi
1946      :        Sri Gopinath Pattanaik
1952      :        Sri Bholanath Sahu
1969    :           Sri Ban Behari Singh

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